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Woodham Supported Living (WSL) - NEWLANDS

Statement of Purpose

Woodham Supported Living is newly established as a natural progression from 24 hour high dependency residential care. The service has emanated from over 15 years as an independent service provider in the health and social care sector for adults living with mental health disorders. It is intended to add value to the recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration model for care in the community provided by Woodham’s high dependency units.

We pride ourselves in our flexible and collaborative approach to our work ensuring the people who use our facilities receive and experience a high quality service.

We have a team of trained support staff who are committed to service of the highest quality of care set out in the national standards and government guidelines.

About WSL

Our supported living accommodation is primarily targeted at adults at risk between the ages of 18-65 years old. The users of this service will have the ability to cook, budget and have some significant insight into their illness.

This service provision in the first instance will be aimed at existing Woodham House clients who have made significant progress in their rehabilitation. It is also intended that this step down facility would be seen as a clear pathway for the promotion of independence for our service users. The service will also be accessible by anyone meeting the eligibility criteria.

Woodham Supported Living is also designed to promote continuity in care and support by workers to whom service users are accustomed and who also know and understand their needs. Moving on can be a challenging process, and it would be good for the service users to see familiar faces.

The aim will be to provide flexible support as one of the main tools to assist people with mental health needs to live independently; with minimal support from staff.

Our clients will make their own choices and lead their lives in the way they want to, whenever possible.

Service users coming to the project will be expected to have a structured day with activities/programmes with which to engage. Staff will continue to support with ongoing engagements.

Woodham Support Living would offer:

A personalised care support plan to assess needs, identify goals and ways of achieving these aims.

A keyworker who will have regular one to one meetings with the service user the purpose of which will be to discuss any issues or concerns they may have.

Other support services will include but not limited to assistance with:

Medication compliance
Behaviour management and coping strategies
Maintaining physical and mental well being
Acquiring daily living skills for greater independence
Budgeting and management of finance
Accessing services in the community and community activity
Supervision to comply with conditional discharge sec/41
Understanding health and safety issues around independent living

Client Group

This service is for people living with severe and enduring mental health disorders with complex needs including dual diagnosis.

People with the following conditions may also be considered for this facility:


Accommodation Fees and Service Costs

Benefits will be accessed where necessary to augment cost. All service users will be responsible for paying their utility bills and will be supported to do so.