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We provide the commissioner the opportunity to design unconventional care plans that suit their client’s needs. Our modus operandi at Woodham house puts the commissioner in the driving seat in that they are able to define the service that is needed while we work to design and provide packages based on a culturally competent needs assesment that is jointly accomplished with the individual and other stakeholders where appropriate.

We specialize in Mental Health, Learning Disability, Personal Disability, and Young people services (17-65) as a provider for CQC and non CQC regulated services.

Supporting people to thrive and achieve their aspirations runs through all that we do and we take pride in our ability to be culturally competent, flexible, and transparent and continuously working towards positive outcomes for our clients.

What we offer:

  • Specialist and Culturally Competent support provided by highly trained staff who are continuously refreshing and developing their skills

  • Support for low, medium and high levels of ‘need’

  • Promoting measurable wellbeing throughout all person centered care plans with client focused outcomes at the core of our delivery models.

All of our services are person- centred targeted to meet the needs of individual clients as well as demonstrating impressive outcomes. We work closely with colleagues in the Health and Social Care sector and other agencies to deliver satisfactory services.