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We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

Service Provider, Woodham Care Homes


Woodham Care Homes is a 24 hours residential social care support services with wealth of experience of successfully working with vulnerable adults living with severe and enduring mental health disorder, learning disability, behaviours that challenges and a forensic history (on S37/41), mentally disordered offenders with intellectual difficulties, poly-substance use or those individuals who are ex-offenders. Woodham also aims to facilitate the needs of a wider range of clients including those with dual diagnosis, concurrent alcohol or drug use issues and various personality disorders.

At Woodham, each service user stays for an average of about 18 months and spending the entire period at the same home for the most part. The period of time spent in residential care is being determined by their individual journey to recovery. Woodham recognises that the care support service is ever evolving and is aimed to adapt its services to meet those needs while also affording flexibility. The service provision will continue to deliver practical and emotional support in order to enable people who use the service to maximise their own potential and live more independently. It is our goal that each individual we support lives in the least restrictive and most economical cost environment whilst continuing to be able to access ongoing support and therapeutic engagement from their multidisciplinary care team.

In order to better map out and evidence the journey of each service user, a management decision has been taken to devise a clearly defined sequential approach of service provision structured in three different stages of operation as stated below:

STAGE 1: The in-take assessment and referral stage for service users with the greatest needs providing 24 hour high support care in a residential setting.
STAGE 2: The rehabilitation stage.
STAGE 3: The step down stage for living which could also be accessed by internal referral once other performance indicators were also met.

These stages of service provision would enable Woodham offer a wide range of support care depending upon the needs of the service user. It is our intention to ensure that our service users feel highly valued by providing the right level of individual support.

When a decision is made that residential support is required, a referral form is completed by the care purchasers and relevant documentations sent to Woodham to provide insight on the needs of the individual. Thereafter a face to face assessment is arranged whereby staff will meet with the individual to carry out a comprehensive assessment of need to ensure that the right placement is determined. The support and attention is focused on the small steps that leads to fulfilling an independent future for individuals with proper consideration on the level of the care needed as well as their diagnosis and mental health conditions.

Our residential care home offers a homely and familiar environment promoting choice, dignity, respect, feelings of self worth and a progressive route to greater independence. A holistic approach will ensure that our service users receive a range of other support services within our high quality accommodation in order to enhance their overall quality of life. These will include structured and informal activities in-house, therapeutic engagement and interventions, access to recreational and educational facilities within the community.
We are committed to promoting a sense of belonging in a warm, supportive and structured environment as key to working with our service users effectively.

Our approach will also focus on the needs of the individual and maximising their independence as soon as possible. Our overall work will be centred on interventions that improve the individual service user’s ability to function in the community, whilst taking responsibility for themselves and others. The ethos of our care and support services will be based on the 3 R’s: Recovery, Rehabilitation and Reintegration and would highlight:

* Risk management
* Re-enablement
* Role responsibility
* Practical needs
* Personal Development.

The emphasis will continue to be on the prevention of placement breakdown and hospitalisation and a progression towards independence. Service users will be working towards specific goals and outcomes on accomplishment of which consideration will be given to a move unto more independence towards the third stage of our care sequence or outside if appropriate.


Service users will be encouraged to continue their participation in structured and informal activities in-house, therapeutic engagement /interventions, access to recreational and educational facilities in the community. Service users will be encouraged to take an active part in community life job seeking or playing a part in local voluntary activities, developing healthy relationships, discovery of new skills and interests will be some of the areas that will be promoted and supported.
Service users will be working towards specific goals and outcomes; on accomplishment of which consideration will be given to a ‘move on’ to more independence towards a supported living care package.

During the rehabilitation stage, the following services are being offered:
* 24 hours 7 days a week staff support
* Support the service user’s mental and physical wellbeing.
* Allocate key worker(s) responsible for close monitoring and support of the individual
* Help the person to acquire skills for living more independently.
* Support the person to understand and manage the rights and responsibilities of their Licence Agreement.
* Support the person with their individual recovery star and support plan.
* Provide support to reduce social isolation when living alone.
* Provide assistance to the service users to maintain/sustain daily living skills.
* Support to maintain/sustain budgeting skills and manage their own finances.
* Support to make benefit claims and manage their benefits
* Supervision to manage their own medication.
* Provide assistance to service users to access services within the community and participate in community activities..
* Assistance to pinpoint and enrol on college or training courses
* Develop their understanding of health and safety in the house and local community.
* Supervision due being vulnerable to exploitation from others.
* Supervision to comply with their conditional discharge -S37/S41.
* Assistance to maintain / transfer benefit claims.
* Help to register with primary care services
* Help to make and keep appointments or organise holidays, trips and outings.
* On call out of hours support.
* Respect for your privacy, personal choices, cultures and values.


The Supported Living (SL) service will be primarily intended for service users from the first stage of the care sequence who are ready to ‘move on’, although referrers will be able to access the service directly from this stage. This service would aim to provide flexible support as one of the mechanisms that prepares people with mental-health needs to live independently. It is intended that this form of supported living would be seen as an excellent step down from higher support services provided by 24 residential care and as progress on the clear recovery pathway towards independent living.
The purpose of supported living will is to give service users the opportunity to live as independently as possible with flexible needs led help from staff as required. The service users will make their own choices and lead their lives in the way they want to as far as this is applicable and appropriate.
Independence is extremely important and consequently the supported living programme will facilitate the degree of independence appropriate to the service user’s individual need. The rationale is for the service user to feel as safe as possible in the accommodation provided. Key to this feeling of safety will be the knowledge that care or support services are within easy reach whenever they require assistance. At the commencement of the supported living placement, the level and type of support will be decided on the basis of the need of each individual service user. It is intended that Housing Benefit payments will meet most of the accommodation related costs. All service users in the supported living will be responsible for paying their weekly rent and utility bills and the care purchasers will also pay a fee towards their placement.

At every stage of the care sequence, the mental health needs of our services users will continue to be monitored at each stage of the service provision. Where it is clear that a service user is in relapse then the appropriate steps will be taken depending upon the relapse indicators e.g. in some cases it may be necessary for service users to be hospitalised. In other cases the service user may need to be referred back to supported living or reception depending on the individual circumstances.


Every effort will be made to create a warm and welcoming environment in terms of accommodation with as close a fit as possible to a home. We will aim to differentiate this accommodation from the reception unit by distinct differences in layout and decor with colour therapy being used to directly influence feelings of well being.
Service users will be persuaded to personalise their rooms by acquiring basic home essentials which they will take with them if and when they move on. Our 24hr accommodation has staff on-site all day, with staff available during the night so that service users will be able to contact a member staff for assistance during the night. All staff would have undergone comprehensive training to meet the varying demands of our service users.



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